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Ya miss the weirdest things part three

I’m living in a warm climate now. I’m gonna need liquids. Hmm. I don’t drink soda, too much sugar, don’t drink diet soda, artificial sweeteners, yuck. Don’t really love plain water, it tastes weird here. I miss Poland Spring water. I don’t drink fancy coffee shop drinks, too much sugar and/or fat. I drink decaf black tea and herbal teas, but it takes a lot of planning to get those to be cold summer drinks.

Then it hit me…flavored seltzer waters! Yeah! Millions of flavors…oh, perfect. I went to the local megamart, and…they don’t carry Polar seltzer water. Are you kidding? It’s summer nine months out of the year, and all they have is three flavors of Canada Dry seltzer water? Oh, and I could buy Perrier flavored waters, for more than my entire grocery bill.

Aww. All those seasonal flavors I’m going to miss out on? I so sad! Pomegranate Sangria. Mint Chocolate Chip. Mint Mojito. Mango Passionfruit.

I’m gonna try other stores, of course, but….

I bought lemon-lime and raspberry. Two liter bottles. Boring.

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Ya miss the weirdest things part deux

Hannaford sells filet mignon steaks in their meat case. They cut the steaks on the premises. When they’re finished cutting the steaks from the loin, there’s, oh, four to six inches of meat left that’s too skinny to be called a steak. So they package it up and sell it. It’s a little pointy piece of loin. It cost between five and eight dollars, and was my treat to myself when I really needed MEAT.

That doesn’t exist here. I just remembered it tonight and had to take a moment. Yeah, sure, I can probably find a butcher for the same cut, but not at a megamart.

Also, there’s a grocery store here called Sweet Bay that carried the Hannaford brand, so it was tiny taste of home. Alas, they were bought out by WinnDixie, and will be closed by next week. Bummer.

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Ya miss the weirdest things

Shaw’s was the supermarket I used the most in New Hampshire. They made a salsa that they kept in the dairy section. It was surprisingly fresh and yummy, and inexpensive. It was better than most jar salsas I’ve had. All the pieces were the same size, and it wasn’t mushy and tomato paste-y, but more like just chopped up veggies in their juices, which apparently I prefer.

I’m gonna miss it. Weird.

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Spent a half hour looking for the spray attachment for the hose, and trying to remember if I actually packed and brought the spray attachment. Gave up and washed the car by folding the hose and holding it folded with a pair of vice grips, and then putting my thumb over the opening to rinse.
Cleaned the car. Put the bucket and hose and scrubber away. Went into house, took off shoes, and placed them beside a table on the back porch which had the spray attachment sitting on it.


Isn’t MY spray attachment, the one I’m not sure if I packed or not, but at least I don’t have to buy one.

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so I caught bf’s cold and my sinuses are swollen and if I take enough sudafed and ibuprofen then I can function but I took too much ibuprofen and now my ears are ringing and I’m sure my liver is mad at me but I won’t take any more until tomorrow because I’ll take nyquil tonight and I like to leave a few hours between day meds and night meds. I’ve been holding a cold water bottle on my face on and off all day including on the commute home and I’m sure somebody saw me and thought I was using a water bottle as a telephone cause that’s kinda the angle I was holding it at, except when I had the bottom pressed directly over my cheekbones omg it felt so good.
my boss tried to talk to me about future deliveries and schedules and I just held out my hand and told him I was on sudafed and I’m not going to remember what he was telling me so don’t bother. he just said ah and left me alone for the rest of the day.
I’ve also lost my voice. it’s fun when anyone out in public asks the automatic how are you and I respond fine how are you but I say it without any voice just a squeak heh heh the look on their face is funny.
honestly I don’t know if it’s the sudafed or the cold making my head feel full of mattress either way weeeeeee.
and I even fulfilled all the product that needed to go out today neener neener. Night night.

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I really hate it when someone else’s stress turn into my stress

We’re not gonna get the parts we need until two weeks from Friday. Oh, looks like we’ll get the parts this Friday. Oh, wait, looks like we’ll get the parts Wednesday. Hey! The parts are here!

Ok! Now make the things and get them out today! Really, these HAVE TO go out the door today!

Um, originally we weren’t going to go the parts for another two weeks. Chill the fuck out, dude.

I got the things out the door. You’re welcome.


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National anthem

There is an acapella group in the Massachusetts area called Five O’Clock Shadow, which mom and I would go to see whenever we could. They only perform a handful of times a year, and usually a couple of shows around Christmas, which would get broadcast on a local tv station that did an annual tree lighting celebration. They would be part of a show that included a kid’s chorus, and a professional soprano, that kind of thing. They do an amazing version of “Little Drummer Boy”, totally acapella, really great.

Anyway, occasionally they also perform the National Anthem at New England Patriots games, and I would love to catch that but since I don’t track football games I usually miss it.

They tweet that they will be performing at the game but I don’t see the tweet until it’s too late, and then I’ve missed their performance AND I have the National Anthem stuck in my head.


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Shoes and hair

I haven’t worn anything besides sneakers, flipflops, or sneakers posing as slippers for…um…a really long time. I bought and wore one-and-a-half-inch heels for the party Saturday night. My feet don’t hurt, per se, but different muscles were used, and they’re making themselves known, just like when you haven’t done, say, push-ups in forever. Odd feeling. Did a nice walk to limber them up. Maybe during my workouts I should wear the heels for five minutes just to get used to them.

Did you ever see “Ice Loves Coco”? Ice-T and his plastic wife. She was filmed lifting weights wearing stripper heels. And full makeup, of course.

I know, I know, one-and-a-half inch heels aren’t tall. Baby steps. So to speak.

Trimmed my bangs. Deliberated attempting imitating my hairdresser for the rest of my head. Decided against it. Need to find a hair stylist before I give in and really fuck it up.

Alanis Morrisette went on a late night talk show and said that she cut her own hair. She probably has better mirrors.

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Haircut needed

I’ve had the same hairdresser since 1989. I was overdue for a haircut when I moved, back in December. I have asked coworkers, neighbors, mom, and anyone who I think has a good cut where they get their hair done. I haven’t gotten a good review from anyone.

It is now March and my hair has grown long enough that I trap it between my back and the chair back. All my careful precise layers are…not so precise anymore.

I played with the idea of teaching my mom how to cut my hair, but I think she’d be too nervous about screwing it up, plus she prolly wouldn’t have the stamina.

The HR woman got her hair colored and highlighted, and brought back an “introduction package” from the place she went. Judging by how her hair turned out, and the discounts on the coupons in the package, I can’t afford this place.

I want to text my New Hampshire hairdresser and tell her how much I miss her. Out of all the people I left behind, I miss her the most. Does that make me shallow? Oh well.

So if anyone has a recommendation for an awesome hair stylist in Central Florida, let me know!

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Aw crap

I went to my neighbor’s 25th anniversary party. It was sweet. They are complainers, but were kept busy enough to not complain too too much. Food was really good, for hotel catering. Too many carbs, but whatareyagonnado.

I don’t drink alcohol. I can’t drink plain water outside the house, I pee too much. I don’t drink soda, too much sugar, or even worse, artificial sweeteners. Too much sugar in fruit juices, too. The only other choice was unsweetened iced tea. Not so bad. Except I never consume caffeine. So I am awake at 1am. Sheeeeeet.

So my brain is whirling with what color I’m going to paint the living room and how. Thinking about the minute details of taping off the parts I’m not going to paint. Doing mental math regarding my new income level and outgoing bills and wondering if it will be adequate, but I can’t quite get myself to put pencil to paper and calculator, because its 1am and it’s bad to do math late at night. (?)

Thinking about laundry to do and meals to cook and cleaning to do.

Fucking caffeine intolerance. I guess I have to be reminded why I abstain every now and then. *drums fingers*

If I stick to herbal tea and fruits and veggies and protein, I do just fine. Throw in a slice of cake and I feel sick. Add caffeine and fuggetaboudid. I used to be such a frosting whore, sucking the frosting and leaving the cake behind. Living low carb has robbed me of my frosting tolerance. Also 40 pounds.

I think normally my writing is a little better than this; my apologies. But now that I’ve metaphorically puked the contents of my brain onto the Interwebs, maybe I can sleep.

Fingers crossed.