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Purple 2

Ok, I think I’ve got it, the perfect shade of purple. Still some unknowns:

a) Since it’s going to rain for the next four days, the paint will never dry, and I might have to take the hair dryer to my project between coats.

b) I figured out that rather than trying to lighten the eggplant color, I should add the eggplant to pink to darken the pink to the shade I want. Now we’re getting somewhere. Trying to lighten the eggplant just turned it gray and muddy. Adding the eggplant to the pink turned it a nice, clear violet, almost a dark amethyst. Happy place!

c) I’ve had Pop Evil’s “Purple” stuck in my head for three days. I even dreamed it.

d) I can’t wait til it’s done so I can stop obsessing and stop bothering my coworkers with my frustration and show y’all!

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